Roz-Niles Relationship
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General Information
Shipped Characters Roz Doyle and Niles Crane
Length of Relationship 1993-Present
Status Frenemies
Rivals Daphne-Niles Relationship,

Frasier-Roz Relationship

The Roz-Niles Relationship is the relationship between Roz Doyle and Niles Crane. They usually don't get on but they have their moments but not very romantic and don't really veiw each other like that.


  • When Roz heard that Niles gave Maris a Mercedes after a fight, Niles said that he's a coward with a hicky. Roz leans over to him and says if he buys her a Mercedes, then she'll make his neck look like a relief map of the Andes.
  • When Niles said that the only people who have not kissed Roz were himself and the archbishop. In response to that Roz kisses Niles and exits.
  • When Roz walked away after kissing Niles, Niles said that Roz kisses better than Maris!
  • Niles agreed with Roz's idea and complemented her.
  • Niles said Roz's room is easier to get into than a community college.
  • Niles said Roz was kind of 'comely in a back alley kind of way'.
  • Niles invited Roz to his lake front cottage with the intention of reconciling her relationship with Daphne's fiancée, Donny.
  • When Frasier saw Niles and Roz at the cottage, he assumed they were starting a relationship and Niles was willing to go along with that.
  • When Frasier doubted Niles and Roz's new love, Niles grabbed Roz and said, "Come here, pookie," and kissed her and when they had finished kissing they both looked back at Frasier and then kissed again.

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